Thursday, April 5, 2012

Burundi Day 3

Hello from Burundi,

Thanks for your prayers for the team.  All the flights went well and we arrived Wed. evening very weary after 30+ hours of travel.

Today began day one in the capitol of Burundi (Bujumbura) looking for supplies and materials.  We had a really nice interpreter named Felicity but the only problem was, she was probably in her 20’s and had no idea where to find the kind of equipment we were looking for. 

Finally after a few phone calls, a man showed up on the corner where we were waiting and at least pointed us in a general direction with a few “Possible” names of supply houses. With that as a start, we found a quality electrical supply shop with equipment from England.  We took a few pictures and asked for pricing but it appears you need to give them a list and IF they have the items, then the pricing begins.

Remember, Sister Connection is a mission to the widows of Burundi. We were able to take a detour of sorts after lunch and visit a widow that Mike and Melody Babst recently began to support.  It was the high light of the day as this very quite and humble women with 8 children of her own and two orphans at her side met Mike for the first time receiving small gifts for her and her children.  As the pictures show, when a camera is on the scene, the children come from every where to have their picture taken.  We were blessed for sure.

Back at the hotel, we continued to ask questions as to who takes care of their generator and where did it come from?  We were not able to find any quality generators anywhere. 

The man behind the desk quickly got on the phone and we were soon talking to a man from England who turned out to be a very valuable resource.  THANK YOU FOR PRAYING as this was a meeting guided by the Lord.  We ended up asking him to join us for the evening meal.  He lived only 5 min from the Hotel and we spent several hours discussing the culture of Burundians. He gave us some very good suggestions to consider in the days ahead.

The people here are wonderful and a joy to talk to.  We were really blessed to sit in the church of our interpreter for a few minuets, while the choir was practicing for Easter Sunday. Wow! What beautiful voices and that great African rhythm.

We also got to visit the Free Methodist College with over 5000 students.  This is where the office of Sister Connection is located. 

Thanks for following along and for praying for the team.  Craig, Mike, Bob, Linda & I.

PS: I tried to add pictures but not enough Internet speed.  Maybe tomorrow.  We are 6 hours ahead of you.  It is now 12:22am. I thought the speed would be better at this time but OH WELL!!
"This is Africa" 

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