Friday, April 13, 2012

Week two in Burundi

This is now week two in Burundi and we are getting a better feel for the people and the country.  As always, getting out of the city and meeting the village people in their environment is much more rewarding.
     Last week we completed the on site survey at the property of Sister Connection and have started the process of outlining the options.  In the weeks ahead, we will be able to put prices to these options and present the proposal to their board.
     This week we started the same process at the property of THARS.

     Both of these ministries are about working with widows and trauma victims from years of wars fought here in Burundi.
     Easter Sunday we worshiped with over 700 people in a village called Kibuye.  At the same village, there is a Free Methodist Hospital. Is it any surprise that over the dinner table, talking with several of the Doc’s there that day, the discussion got around to power and that there was a real need to at least have someone take a look at their  electrical system.  Out of the three OLD generators on site, NONE work now or ever will work in the future.  

We returned yesterday (4/12/12) to do an initial electrical survey as there seems to be a new desire to make significant improvements to the hospital in the coming years.  After seeing their electrical infrastructure, I hope there is an opportunity for I-TEC to return and be able to make the major improvements necessary to provide for quality medical care.  Right now, I can best describe it as hanging on by a thread.  
 What do 12inch adjustable wrenches and X-RAY machines have in common?.................AFRICA

Another sad sight was this man doing the entire hospital laundry out of a bucket.  They use a separate was tub for the surgery room curtains.  
     I think we found the right application for the solar panel that I brought along in my suitcase.  Pray that we will have time to get it installed before leaving for Bujumbura on Monday or Tuesday.  EXCITING DETAILS LATER.
     Burundi is definitely a “Developing Country” and on the road to recovery. It’s great to be here and I hope some of you are able to come back with what has now turned into three different projects.
     The President of Burundi is a Christian and it is my understanding that he travels on Sunday’s with his praise band singing at different churches.  We really are on the other side of the World aren’t we?

Powering Missions Worldwide,
Tom & Linda

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